Nutribiotica® provides diagnosis and therapeutic opportunities on personalized nutrition where diet is matched to an individual’s specific needs.
The human body harbors ~10 times more microbial than human cells; their genomes (the human microbiome) provide us with physiological capacities that humans have not evolved on  our own, and define who we are genetically and metabolically.  The total number of genes represented in our microbial communities exceeds the number of our human genes by at least ten times.
Certain genes dynamically respond to the environment. Stress, diet, behavior, toxins and other factors activate chemical changes to DNA and affect the way disease genes are turned on and off in the human body. 
The human microbiome is a reflection of our state of well-being. It helps shape our biology, determine part of our genetic makeup, and plays an important role in determining how diet and lifestyle affect our general health and weight. 
Nutribiotica® Lab Tests & Diet Protocol
Nutribiotica gathers information from stool and blood tests as well as a number of questinaires to identify an individual's state of health in order to design a special diet based on the person’s “genetic” needs.  
The purpose of a Nutribiotica diet is to rid the body of toxins and harmful microbes that may be proliferating – causing disease, weight gain, allergies, inflammation, and aging – while encouraging a state of harmony and balance in the body.  As part of the diet, specific nutrients and supplements are introduced into the body to nourish the cells, correct genetic expression (epigenetics)  and boost the immune system – helping cells regenerate and to assist in the individual’s recovery from imbalances. This process will result in a healthier life and delay aging.
Diet, lifestyle and environmental factors can have a definite bearing on how genes in your DNA are expressed – turning diseases on and off.  

Why Use Stool Testing
Nutribiotica Microbial Ecology Profile uses the latest advancement in stool analysis to detect microorganisms by DNA and their genome. 
Your intestinal tract contains significant amounts of bacteria, some beneficial, some neutral, and some that can be harmful.  Each bacterial cell has its own DNA, which is part of your own DNA composition and is responsible for promoting health and disease. It is essential to know the microbial balance of your GI tract, especially if you have chronic health and weight problems.  The Nutribiotica Microbial Ecology Profile addresses key components of proper GI health including measurement of beneficial microbial flora, opportunistic bacteria, yeast, parasitic infection, markers of inflammation, immune function, and digestion and absorption.
Gastrointestinal (GI) function is important for general health. This includes balancing beneficial microbial flora in the gut with proper nutrition to enhance health benefits. GI health is key in digestion, nutrient usage, and ridding the body of waste and pathogens. Poor digestion and malabsorption can lead to immune dysfunction, nutritional insufficiencies, obesity and various disease states. Poor GI function can also lead to food allergies and other toxicities.
Conditions of Abnormal Gut Flora
Nutribiotica®  Nutrition down to your genes

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Nutribiotica is personalized nutrition based on an individual’s unique composition of genes, microbial flora, assessment of proper digestive function and level of toxicity in the body.

Nutribiotica provides diagnostic and therapeutic opportunities on personalized nutrition where diet is matched to an individual’s specific needs.

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  1. Weight Loss

  2. Women’s Health Issues

  3. Digestive Health

  4. Gluten Free Lifestyle

  5. Preventive Nutrition

  6. Anti-aging Nutrition

  7. Skin Health

  8. Cancer Risk Reduction

  9. Reproductive Health

  10. Children’s Nutrition

  11. Eating Disorders

  12. Immune Disorders

  13. High Blood Sugar Management

  14. Cognitive and Mental Function

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Nutrition down to your genes

  1. Simple- Single sample collection

  2. Comfort- Do-it-at-home kits

  3. Accuracy- Advanced technology

  4. Allergies- Elisa method

  5. DNA- Of disease-promoting genes

  6. Gut Flora- Evaluates microbes and parasites proven to cause weight gain and cause imbalances

Microorganisms in the GI tract perform a host of useful functions, such as fermenting unused energy substances, communicating with the immune system, preventing growth of harmful species, regulating the development of the gut, producing vitamins for the host (such as biotin and  vitamin K), and producing hormones to direct the host to store fats. 

Intestinal microflora are also though to have many beneficial local and systemic roles such as improving lactose tolerance, supplying short chain fatty acids (SCFA) as an energy substrate for the host, anti-tumor properties, neutralizing certain toxins, stimulating the intestinal immune system, reducing blood lipid levels and preventing obesity and type II diabetes.

  1. Abdominal pain

  2. Acid reflux

  3. Acne/ rosacea/ eczema

  4. Allergies

  5. Arthritis/joint pain

  6. Asthma

  7. Bloating/gas

  8. Blood, mucus or pus in stool

  9. Chronic fatigue

  10. Cramping

  11. Diarrhea or constipation

  12. Eating disorders

  13. Genital itching or burning

  14. Headaches/migraines

  15. Infertility

  16. IBS

  17. Low libido

  18. Noticeable change in stool

  19. Recurrent infections

  20. Inexplicable weight gain or weight loss

  21. Vaginal dryness

Lab Tests
Tests Reveal
Probiotic Bacteria
Treatment For Radiant Health and Rejuvenation

Remove offending foods, medications and environmental hazards.
Reestablish needed nutrients in the diet to promote healing.
Recolonize the body with favorable bacteria.
Repair mucosal lining by supporting healthy intestinal mucosal cells.
Restore the immune system to prevent disease and delay aging.

With Ana, you will be empowered to embrace wellness as a series of choices that will dramatically improve your quality of life by modifying the way your think and feel about yourself, food and your health.

Ana will assist in bringing your body into harmony with the genetic architecture nature has assigned you, helping you to look and feel great in body and mind, while enjoying your full potential through nutritional maximization and coaching. 

There is a natural beauty and sense of wellness in a body that is in nutritional harmony with its genetic design. Experience unbelievable physical well being and energized self confidence with Ana’s Nutrition & Wellness Coaching.

Obesity, overweight, diabetes, cancer, celiac, food sensitivities, skin diseases, eating disorders, allergies, irritable bowl syndrome, autoimmune disorders, arthritis, infertility, ulcers, autism, ADD, osteoporosis, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, maldigestion.

Food allergies

Gluten sensitivity


Immune function





Cancer-preventive short chain fatty acids

Pancreatic function

Markers for digestion and absorption


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